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Our privacy policy gives the guarantee of being secure!

It is a pleasure to know that you trust for dealing with all your problems related to studies. We are strictly against the fraudulent usage of credit card information online and observe strict measures against such. However, go through our privacypolicy if you have any issues regarding the protection of your identity online.

Credit Card Transaction/Billing

We use SWREG as the payment system through which all your online transactions are carried out in a safe and secure way. It has a friendly customer support panel which is available round the clock to assist you. All your details are not documented anywhere to be used by a third party and hence, deleted as soon as the transaction is successful.

Personal Credentials

Only for statistical reasons, your IP address, location and name are updated automatically by our server. Also the browser type, number of pages visited and the duration for which the client visited the website are recorded by the server.

Cache/Cookies Information

To keep a check on online traffic and identify the computers that logged on to our website, cookies and cache are enabled on our website. You can, however, change the settings of your browser to either enable or disable cookies.

Usage of Client’s Information

The details of the client’s IP address and location is recorded only to maintain the format and content of the website. Your information is neither shared, rented, nor sold to a third party.

Other linked websites

The links provided on our website are only to assist the clients in choosing from the various options. We, however, are not responsible for any privacy issue being raised when private information is shared by the client with those websites.

Timely revision in the policy

We, at, can revise the policy on our website as and when necessary. It is advised to go through this section to track the changes if any. Contact at if further information is needed.

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